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HAPFO COPYLATHE MODEL AP5000M  Make Baseball Bats or furniture parts in 3 min or less in one pass,With hydro version or ap5000m standard version The ap-5000-me is a German cast iron lathe that is so accurate that it will turn items as small as lace bobbins to as large as 11" diameter columns to a professional standard with crisp detail to match.The only difrance between the hydro & the ap5000m version is one has hydraulic tracers the other has standard tracers bothe make fast high quality wooden parts from furniture parts to baseball bats. Its greatest benefit is that it can be converted in 7-8 minutes to make superb barley twists which are now so popular. Profits can be made due to the lack of competition. Fluting can also be achieved quickly and easily…it will almost certainly be the best investment you will ever make! Please note that the KFE twist attachment when fitted to the AP- 5000-H has a lead range of 60mm-700mm. This lathe is ideal for both the small general woodturner operating his business at his home or a big company wanting specialist turnings for furniture components, etc. The Hapfo AP5000 Hydro Copy Lathe is designed for continous operation by the woodturner to produce quality profilesfrom an actual sample as well as with a template. Innovative Hydraulic tracing device with its six inch range, produces exquisite profile pitches becuase of the minimal hydraulic tracing pressure of only 65grams. Click here for 3 Phase converters for your lathes Hydro 1600mm -62 3/4'' Distance Between Centers. Technical Specifications: Spindle motor: 220 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 2 .5 HP Feed motor: 1/2 hp STANDARD EQUIPMENT The AP-5000Hydro includes: One (1) HSS copy lathe tool Sharpening machine Return speed of carriage (0.37 kW) Distance between centers 1500 mm (523/4"), copying length of 1500 mm (49") (Template) (Original sample 1050 mm SEE PDF BROCHURE

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