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HAPFO CHALANGER 2000 CNC .  A precise and powerful CNC- controlled wood turning and copying automatic machine with hardened and polished linear guides for all axis. Available as 3 or 4 axis machine with servomotor-control by means of CAD software MegaCAD, servo-main spindle drive, programmable by CAD software. For the production of round profiles and twisted work pieces, inclusive protective housing with swinging door. Three-phase milling motor spindle for grooving, engraving and boring with infinitely variable speed control by means of frequency converter. Milling aggregate to swivel in all directions and height-adjustable. The patented self- acting swivel copying lathe tool and laser-scanning are extraordinary advantages of the Challenger 2000. CHALLENGER 2000 CNC – controlled Wood Turning and Copying automatic machine produces baseball bats in 40 sec ea clean crisp clear lines. smooth finish. Motor 220 volts, 3-phase, 60 cycles precise and powerful CNC – Wood Turning and copying automatic machine with hardened and polished linear guides for all axlis . Distance between centres 2.000 mm, Copying length 1.800 mm, max. Turning diameter 360 mm Tailstock with quick-acting clamping eccentrics, quill stroke 250 mm 3-Axis CNC-Machine with servo-motor-control and CAD-Software MegaCAD, servo-mainspinde- drive, (S 6-5,5 kW) 0 – 5000 rpm., programmable by CAD Software for production of round profiles and twisted workpieces Description             This fully automatic machine combines all important functions:             turning, milling, chamfering, engraving, drilling and sanding. A precise and powerful CNC Wood copy lathe fully automatic with hardened and ground linear guides for all axes. Available in 3, 4 or 5-axis machine with servo motor control using CAD software MegaCAD, servo spindle drive-main, programmable CAD software, including machine casing with hinged door top.     The production of round profiles and fluted workpieces. AC spindle for chamfering and engraving, with variable speed control by Freuqenzumrichter, milling unit in all directions pivot and height adjustable. The patented steel-copy lathe Swivel device and laser scanning is also in the CHALLENGE- 2000 very great advantage. see pdf brouchre 

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