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Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Hapfo ap-5000-Hydro King The Hapfo ap-5000-Hydro King expands the capabilities of the hapfo ap-5000-Hydro by giving the woodturner the ability to turn and rope items up to 96" such as bed posts and columns. The King's innovative hydraulic tracing device has a six inch range that allows the woodturner to produce exquisite profile pitches and it is capable of copying from a sample as well as a template. The KFE Twist Attachment, can be fitted on the ap-5000-Hydro King to create endless turning possibilities such as longitudinal groovings, rope twists, barley twists, spirals, and hollow core turnings. Description The 5000 hydro-king, a very precise, powerful copy lathe in a heavy cast iron design and superior workmanship. Excellent concentricity with hydraulic sampling of the original workpiece or template. Feed motor with infinitely adjustable DC geared motor (0.37 kW) including rapid return of the carriage, including HSS-speed steel. Completion of the workpiece in one operation by copying stroke to 150 mm. Very short production time, low cost and excellent speed grinding quality by vibration-free copy turning with a leading bezel. By building the Kannelierfräseinrichtung KFE-5000 and KF-50 special Burr Attachment, the operator has limitless possibilities for creative and production of different forms. Full power transmission of the feed motor even in the lowest speed range infinitely variable DC motor. The particular advantages of hydro-5000-king: Very short production time: Production of the workpiece in one operation by copying stroke to 150 mm Production of difficult profile inclines availableAs minimal hydraulic Abtastdruck gr 65 Controller: Centrally attached to the live copy unit SEE PDF BROCHURE