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Hapfo Replacement Parts package.  for Hapfo AP 5000/6000/7000 M/ME
Please allow 1 TO 2 Weeks for Delivery F.O.B Factory
part# 18501APZU Four-jaw chuck follower rest, 30-60 mm infinitely variable
Hapfo  for Hapfo AP 5000/6000/7000 M/ME part# 39222APZU Selfcentering steady rest (max. Ø 12-80 mm)

Hapfo two staedyrests Parts package for part#18501APZU & part#39222APZU $3792.00 Free Shipping

Virtical V Form Gouge 0.6 Radius set of 2 Suitable for use with  Hapfo & Wema Machines, (Please check) This gouges dimensions are 17.8 x 38 x 140mm 0.6Radius - f or fine finishing detail. Manufactured in our new specification HSSCRYO  steel, which offers outstanding heat and wear resistance! Sale Price: $1390.00USD SET OF 2
HORIZONTAL  Full V gouges  Wema ,Hapfo AP5000 & AP6000 Pointed Cutter.ON SALE!  set of (4)or set of (8)  Horizontal cutters free shipping Sale Price $1,283.00USD see below: A specificity sized cutter for use with Hapfo AP5000 & AP5000 Hydro Machines  19x19x200mm (3/4x8" nom) Manufactured in our new specification HSS Tantung steel, cryogenically treated which offers outstanding heat and wear resistance! PLEASE ALLOW ONE TO TWO WEEKS FOR DELIVERY
For Machines that take Virtical knives
For Machines that take Horizontal knives

 Vertical V Form Gouge 0.6 Radius SET OF 2 $1390.00

 Full V gouges 20 x 20 x 200mm Square Pointed V Cutter.ON SALE!   set of (4)$1283.00

V gouges Wema ,Hapfo AP5000 & Ap6000 Cryo  Set of (8) $2400.00