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THE TC1200 SEMI-AUTO HYDRAULIC WOOD COPYLATHE.   CENTAURO MODEL TC-1200 a mechanical copy turning lathe,is ideal for the production of small and medium batches of stair spindles ,balusters,table legs and chair legs (furniture components)small or large wood craft items in general, capable of producing 10 to 50 Multiple wooden parts at once in one pass by means of template or actual wooden samples.The TC1200's double cantilever turning assembly ,with its two independent gouges in conjuction with the traveling steady rest,allows the perfect reperduction of even the smallest diameter pieces.In addition to the Hydraulic Sattle movement ensures the highest quality of finishing.The cost? the price of a small new car.e-mail us today for a quote! FLOOR SPACE NEEDED :10' X 2' Includes :Dust collector Hookup,Adjustable jaw insert, 19 peace bushing insert set for round or square stock for traval steady.Centering Devise ,limit stop switches ,Hydraulic feed..Power supply : 220 volt Single or Three phase avalable no exstra charge. Upto FOUR YEAR WARRANTY!  see second pdf see pdf Brochures

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