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The New Powermatic 3520C Lathe 2HP 220V 1PH w/risers 1353001
The Powermatic® 3520C is the fourth evolution of the time honored lathe with many new and improved features. The 3520C has retained all the features of the prior models such as the sliding headstock, electronic variable speed with low and high speed ranges, the spindle lock, digital RPM readout, and a laser etched quill that is self-ejecting. The enhanced features include a movable control box for maximum versatility, adjustable riser blocks for 6 inches or more of height adjustment, and an increased weight of 726 LBS (814 LBS with the bed extension). Additional features include a new ergonomic spindle lock design, a digital indexing readout, an Anti-rotation tailstock key for smoother operation, a set of dead centers which hold a spindle for visual comparison, a two position mount for the optional bed extension, and a sliding hammer knockout rod with brass tip. Features Moveable control box for customizable versatility Main power disconnect switch located on rear of headstock Self-locating ergonomic spindle lock design for easy, one handed operation Upgraded banjo features a non-marring, pinch style clamp for solid tool rest placement Extended spindle nose increased access to the work piece Adjustable Risers Blocks for 6-inches of height adjustment allowing maximum comfort when turning Tailstock incorporates Anti-rotation key and Acme threads for smoother operation and increased longevity Digital Indexing Readout simplifies the indexing process for added precision Fully enclosed VFD for increased user protection Able to maintain speeds as low as 15 RPM Increased Weight to 726LBS (814LBS with bed extension) for the most stable turning experience possible Increased working capacity to a full 35 inches between centers Optional safety shield Following strict guidelines and electrical requirements, these Powermatic 3520C Lathes are CSA Certified