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MODEL :TC650-E  MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS 2 Axis CNC controlled turning lathe 50" maximum capacity between centers 7" maximum turning diameter of round stock 5" maximum turning diameter of square stock 4" maximum turning diameter of stock with steady rest 3 HP spindle motor, 220V single phase Air actuated tailstock Headstock centering device for easy centering Centering punch mounted on machine for easy center punching of blanks Double sided carbide blades for simple blade replacement Micro adjustment of steady rest blade Flip up safety guard Dust extraction hood Heavy steel construction to control vibration Thomson precision linear rails and ball screws Square steady rest (optional) Mach3 control system including flat panel LCD monitor with touch screen (optional) CAD/CAM design software TOOLING INFORMATION : THE KNIVES ARE PLAIN M2   CUTTERS FOND ON COMMON INEXPENSIVE METAL WORKING LATHES OUR F.A.Q. ON THIS MACHINE   Question: 1. Can I use cadd files drawn in any program?. I'm assuming as long as you can save them as .dwg or .dxf files you do not need to draw them on the program that comes with the machine.  as if we already make cadd drawings and 3d models of all of our bats and I would hate to have to re-draw all of our profiles. 1.Answer: We have not had any problems transferring dxf files into our cad program works great! Question: 2. What type of maintenance is needed to keep the machine up and running? An approximate maintenance schedule would be great. 2.Answer: The only item on the machine that requires any regular maintenance would be the steady rest bearing insert which can be removed, cleaned, and greased periodically. Most customers do this once a week. Question: 3. What is the cost to replace the cutting knives and approximately how long do they last? (hours of use, or numbers of bats would be great)   3.Answer: Each cutting knife insert is capable of turning approximately 2500 bats per edge, or 5000 in total if you flip the insert around after one side is worn. Question: 4.Does that 2500 bat per edge capacity involve manual sharpening of the cutters, or are they carbide or some other type of self sharpening material? Also, How many knives are on the lathe? I'm assuming there has to be at least one before and one after the steady rest? Also what is the cost of a complete set of replacement cutters? 4.Answer: They are carbide inserts, so when one edge is worn you turn it around and use the other edge. Once both edges are worn you just throw it away and put in a new insert. There are two knives on the lathe, one before and the other after the steady rest just like you mentioned. Each insert is $20, so you can get a box of 10 for about $200.00.that comes in at under a penny per bat in cutter costs! SEE PDF BROCHURES

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